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Curently Knighted members

Here is a list of members who have been recognized by the
Mystic Knighthood of the Crowned Heart to be worth the noble title of Knight.
For privacy, we do not provide the social name, but the mystic name.

Mystic Name Title Location #
AditiPremaProtectorUSA, Amarillo983
Anuas AniosScholarUSA, Las Vegas642
Bellator de DominiKnightUnited States, Corona728
Corax AbluxProtectorcanada, Québec240
dark serpent, celtic: dorcha naddredKnightu. s. a., spokane922
EL SALIDefenderUSA, Salt Lake city1538
GṛhākṣAsuraGuideUSA, El Paso2
Gevurah TzedekMasterCanada, St-Raymond121
HanzoKnight, 855
Hikari SaiwaiDefenderCanada, st-foy8
KaaproKnightUSA, Minden23
Kongo ShugenjaPriestPuerto Rico, Palmer437
Konoha TenguMasterAustralia, Melbourne1499
Lamed GimmelDefenderUSA, Mobile 197
Lena Adhmail DecheartClericCanada, Quebec city1517
Meiyo SeigiKnightUnited States of America, Memphis541
MysticKnighthoodKnight, Columbus1040
Phoenix Of IgaProtectorNew Zealand, 453
Re'em MelchizedekPriestCanada, Victoria821
Ryu ShinDefenderCanada, Prince George166
Shaman KitsuneClericUSA, Glendale519
Shin DaoDefenderCanada, Calgary571
Sir HanumanKnightUSA, Washington743
SriShanti BhavaBhumServantCanada, Québec6
Tehuti MaatPriestusa, philadelphia664
The Bright LadyScholarBULGARIA, 566
Tungle Ulfr VéurrServantCanada, Charlesbourg (Québec)29
VajrapaniMasterUnited States, Aurora216
WolfspiritwarriorMasterUnited States, 1112
Yama ArashiMasterUnited States, Medford11
yamabushi, Prof., Dr.Protectorgermany, munich1072

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