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What is a Mystic Knight

A Mystic Knight is a man or woman who is virtuous and honorable. He/She behaves with integrity and always elects to act with justice over all other possible options. The way of the Mystic Knight is a continuous path of physical, mental and spiritual self-development. Choosing to walk the path of the Mystic Knight will change your life for the better, empowering you with great abilities and self-trust. It will help you acquire acute senses, both physical and mystical. You will develop a sense of self-worth, a cunning mind, impressive physical attributes and a spiritual energy un-comparable to the simple warrior.

Becoming a Mystic Knight

To become a Mystic Knight, you must work on many aspects of yourself simultaneously. You have to take care of your body with good nutrition and physical training. You have to practice your mind to function correctly. While a religious activity is not required, you must also develop your inner self, spiritually. It is recommended to practice a martial art of your choice, combining both mental and physical training at once. Become a member of the Mystic Knighthood to access the training material. Guest membership is free, and becoming an active member will allow you to progress in the knighthood and access higher level training material as you progress.

Making progress is the most important part. Whatever level of strength, competence or spiritual depth you have acquired yet is of no importance. The main goal of walking the Mystic Knight’s path is to start at the level you are, and practice yourself at becoming better. You are the one who selects how fast you will travel the path, and far you will go.

The Mission of the Mystic Knighthood

On the path of self-mastery, one might need guidance and resources. The Mystic Knighthood is devoted to this, offering training to raise one's level of physical prowess, mental clarity, and spiritual depth. We are here to guide you on this path, and offer fellowship when you hit difficult areas in your life. Guided by the virtuous principles of our sacred code, we live our lives for the betterment of the community. The Mystic Knighthood exists to provide guidance to those engaged in their self-development, providing the opportunity to help you develop yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually, all at one place. Our goal is to serve as shining examples of personal achievement, living our lives in service to the world around us. We are not a cult, religion, or sect. We are a simple community that provide guidance, and a platform to share with other who seek the same goals.

Training Areas


The body of a Mystic Knight is his temple, his home. It must be cared for with nutritious foods and exercises to keep it healthy. In this section, we will present guidelines to good nutrition and basic bodybuilding exercises.



It is suggested to practice your cunning either by studying various subjects, or by playing mind games. The more you study, the more you will become knowledgeable in many fields, either in wisdom or technical application.


Spiritual self-development is the key to becoming a Mystic Knight. In time, it will help you develop extra-sensory perception, but first, it will set the grounds for spiritual improvement. Developing your spirituality will bring concentration, self-trust, and personal empowerment.


Martial Arts

The practice of martial arts is the ultimate tool to assist in the integration of all other aspects of becoming a Mystic Knight. It will work on your body, mind and spirit. Any kind of martial art can be practiced. It is recommended you find a school near you.

Training Plan Outline

All knights have to go thru all the aspects of the training plan, from guest to knight, in the areas of body, mind and spirit (except for special handicap cases). All specialization programs are offered to all knights, but we allow the recognition of one specialization per year, on a successful evaluation.

Free Videos

These two video will explain the mystic form and the mystic knight ritual. These videos are taken from a seminar where was presented the ESP Mechanics, and there was a chapter about the Mystic Knighthood.

ESP and Supernatural, Video 3 and 4 on Mystic Form (Youtube)

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Now, you can read the introductive training material of the Mystic Knighthood:

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  • The Code
  • Physical training
  • Nutrition + recipes
  • Mental training exercises
  • Spiritual training
  • Mystic Knighthood Ritual

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